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Pikeminnow Monitoring

Read the results of our Sacramento pikeminnow survey on the upper SF Eel, from Rattlesnake Creek to Standish Hickey State Park. Check out this video of pikeminnow.


Temperature & Fish

Flow conditions remain above normal, algae low and steelhead ubiquitous. Follow us on Facebook to see locations throughout the watershed, including amazing salmonid refugia. Check out video of steelhead juveniles in Big Rock Creek, a tributary of Tenmile Creek.

Salmon Parkway


It is time for us to have an Upper Eel River Salmon Park between the Potter Valley Project Dams. Find out more and join us for a field trip on August 17. See a map of what we are proposing.

Tenmile Creek Pilot Project

The Eel River Recovery Project won a Proposition 1 grant awarded through the California Coastal Conservancy to assist Tenmile Creek land owners with riparian restoration, gully erosion control and water conservation. Water conservation efforts are focused on the Streeter Creek and Big Rock Creek watersheds, but gully erosion control and stream-side restoration and bank repair are available to land owners in the Tenmile Creek watershed basin-wide.


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Water Temperature/ Flows / Algae

Fall Chinook / Native and Non-Native Aquatic Species



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