Water Temperature

People throughout the Eel River basin expressed concern about problems with disappearing fish, toxic algae, and diminishing flow.  Since water temperature has key relationships to all three, we began deploying automated temperature sensors in 2012.  By placing gauges all over the watershed we can determine if locations are suitable for salmon and steelhead, whether conditions foster toxic algae, or whether a stream is warming as a result of flow depletion.

Reports about our temperature monitoring

First year of ERRP monitoring covering temperature & toxic algae

The 2013 report documents a drought year and confirms patterns

Synthesis paper of all Eel River temperature data from 1980-2015

Other Key Eel River Water Temperature Documents

Friedrichsen (1998*) established widespread trend monitoring locations and analyzed changes over time.

Lewis et al. (2000) gives the protocols for probe placement.

Puckett & Van Woert (1972) chronicle Eel River temperature conditions 1957-1969

Kubicek (1973) measured temperature at 179 locations to check for suitability for salmonids