Tenmile Creek Pilot Project

The Eel River Recovery Project won a Proposition 1 grant awarded through the California Coastal Conservancy to assist Tenmile Creek land owners with riparian restoration, gully erosion control and water conservation. Water conservation efforts are focused on the Streeter Creek and Big Rock Creek watersheds, but gully erosion control, stream-side restoration and bank repair are available to land owners in the Tenmile Creek watershed basin-wide.

All information and data from private lands are treated as confidential.  There are no obligations or costs associated with site visits during the pilot project. Project implementation will follow with successive grants.

Contractors assisting with service delivery  in the Streeter and Big Rock Creek sub-basins are Hollie Hall, and  Anna Birkas and Noah Cornell of Village Ecosystems.  Land owners can learn about water rights, water permitting and water conservation and will be given practical advice that can they can implement. 

Landowners who want further assistance with developing water storage or implementing other conservation measures may be eligible for grants that will be applied for after this planning phase. In the long run, we want to assist the community with a water conservation plan and get Tenmile Creek flowing perennially again.

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Landowner Survey

We have developed a survey for landowners to learn more about their needs. If you have not already responded, please take the survey online and/or pass along the link to others.

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