The Eel River Recovery Project is a broad-based community initiative to address water conservation, nutrient pollution and ecosystem recovery. This project is operating under the umbrella of the Trees Foundation and has an Advisory Group comprised of people from throughout the Eel River Basin. The collaborative effort to restore the Eel River is coordinated with communities, Tribes, other non-profit groups, and government agencies. 

Is It Swimmable?


People are having a lot of fun playing in the Eel River in early summer and ERRP has been capturing it in photos and videos. Many Eel River locations in upper watershed areas are remaining safe for recreational contact, but lower river areas are quickly warming and algae blooms are well under way. Potentially toxic blue-green algae can form in edges of the Eel River, so keep children and pets away from stagnant areas with algal scums or mats (Learn More).

ERRP wants to post your photos of swimming spots. Call 223-7200
to link up with us.

See photos of current conditions at popular swimming spots.
Is It Swimmable?

Our You Tube Videos also show river conditions.


Cleaning Up and Expanding Wilderness


ERRP is working with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management Arcata Office and the U.S. Forest Service with a goal of cleaning up all industrial marijuana grows in Eel River Wilderness Areas over the next five years. ERRP also wants to prudently expand Wilderness where possible to protect sources of clean water and biodiversity. Call 223-7200 if you want to volunteer or support this effort in other ways. Read about our progress and plans in 2013 Rose Foundation Wildlands Grant Report.

Water Temperature / Flow Studies Continue

The Recovery Project is in its third year of water temperature and flow monitoring to help the community assess the health of the Eel River and its tributaries in this very dry year.  Citizen volunteers throughout the watershed are placing temperature sensors and taking pictures at photo points to monitor conditions.  This year we have expanded coverage to include the North Fork Eel River and increased the number of watershed residents we are assisting. 

See 2013 Report or visit the Water Temperature and Flow page.

Green sturgeon in Lower Eel River, October 26, 2013.

Watch a video of this sturgeon on YouTube


The Recovery Project has sponsored numerous meetings throughout the Eel River Basin and sponsors Water Day annually to bring the community together, compare what we have learned and form partnerships to carry out the needed work. Learn more...

A few of the More Kids in the Woods education program team members.

In 2013, we began a school education project in the Van Duzen River, in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service and the Friends of Van Duzen. More than 500 students in the river basin went into the field in the Van Duzen River and Learned about ecology, fish and watershed processes. Help us expand school programs focused on the Eel River that get students out of the class room and down to the river! Call ERRP Education Chair Sal Steinberg at (707) 768-3189.

Blue-green Algae Warning


July 18, 2014: Officials with the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) are warning recreational users of all fresh water bodies to avoid contact with algae this summer and early fall.
Low flows along several local rivers including the South Fork Eel, Van Duzen and Mad Rivers, coupled with sustained high temperatures in the inland areas and record low rainfall have created the ideal conditions for rapid blooming of blue-green algae.

Read the Warning


Eel River Aquatic Life is Surviving the Drought


See hundreds of fish and an audacious turtle in this video, taken in an amazing cave- like pool in the the Black Butte River.

Read an article on the aquatic ecosystem response to drought.

ERRP is taking a new interest in the non-native Sacramento pikeminnow, formerly known as the squawfish (see Plan).

See Fish Monitoring Page for Reports & ERRP You Tube Videos.


ERRP at Northern Nights & Reggae!


We are going in a new direction in 2014 as we expand outreach to festivals. We have complementary tickets and discounted tickets, if you want to join the fun. Northern Nights is a relatively new festival that will be held on July 18-20 at Cooks Valley Campground. ERRP will be serving fish tacos and BBQ oysters! Reggae on the River is celebrating 30 years of music and ERRP will have an educational booth. Call (707) 223-7200, if you want to help out.


ERRP Educates at World's Largest Salmon BBQ

July 5, Ft Bragg



Outdoor WorkShop about Algae

Standish Hickey State Park

Saturday, August 2 ~ 2-4 pm


Keith Bouma-Gregson will talk about river and algal ecology and show people the different types of algae in the Eel, with a focus on identifying toxic algae. There will be a microscope for close-up looks.

Tanya Horlick, from Standish Hickey, will also be there to share information about about the park and the Eel River.






Lower Eel River
Lower Eel River at Fortuna, November, 2011