Resources for Schools

Links to online resources for teaching about aquatic insects and stream ecosystems

Bugs Don't Bug Me - Lessons plans and hands-on activities about aquatic macroinvertebrates and water quality for K-6 students.  From Utah State University Water Quality Extension

Feeding Frenzy - Activity to show how mouth parts are designed for particular types of food

Who Eats What? Mouthparts and Meals

Adaptations of Insects Teacher’s Booklet with student activities

Freshwater Macroinvertebrates - not a lesson plan.  Good descriptions of insect families

Project Oceanography - Aquatic Insects

The Dragonfly Woman - A great blog by an aquatic entomologist.  Lots of good information.  See this page for her ideas on teaching kids.


Bugs of the Underworld - Great footage, see how they live and reproduce
 7:41 minutes
4:11 minutes

Mayflies - They may live years in the water as immature nymphs, but as adults, they live only one day.
Mayflies underwater (see their gills and how they move around)
Adult Mayflies (flying and depositing eggs on surface of water)

Caddisflies - They collect surrounding materials and build themselves a case. Relatives of butterflies and moths, they undergo complete metamorphosis.

Caddisfly Lifecycle Video  7:53 minutes
Caddisflies Life 3:55 minutes
Caddisflies Crawling on the Underside of Ice  1:42 minutes

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