Get Involved!  Join Us in Monitoring the Eel River

Salmon Watch - Are they in your stretch of the river?  Seen any from bridges or lookouts?  Are they spawning?
Please share your observations and call us at 707-223-7200

Yellow-Legged Frog Survey - Join us this spring and learn how to find and count frog egg masses. It's easy and fun.

Temperature - Help us monitor temperature throughout the Eel River Basin.  We deploy about a hundred temperature probes that stay in the water all sumnmer.  Want to know what temperatures are like in your river reach?  Let us know.

Algae Monitoring - Keep an eye out for potentially toxic blue-green algae that grows as the river warms up in late summer.  Be part of the citizen science team and help the river.

Salmon Dives - Are you a good swimmer?  Join our dives this fall to count salmon as the return to the Lower Eel River.

Pike Minnow Survey - We'll be starting a new effort to count Pike Minnow this summer.  Want to help?

Got ideas of your own about what to monitor?  We want to hear from you.  Get involved!
Call 707-223-7200 or write to us at